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Height: 5'10"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red


The Comeback Trail             Harriet                                     Dir. George Gallo

Persephone: pictures          Jennifer/Lead                          Dir. Chris Ferrantino

at the end of the world

The One-Upper                    Maggie/Lead                           Dir. Chris Ferrantino

Victoria's Turn *                   Victoria / Lead                         Dir. Bob Ziembicki

Getting to Know You           Kelly / Lead                              Dir. Chris Ferrantino
Middle Men                          Waitress / Support                 Dir. George Gallo             Paramount Pictures
Columbus Circle                  Reporter / Support                 Dir. George Gallo            Universal
Changeling                           Secretary / Scene Deleted     Dir. Clint Eastwood         Universal


*Official Selection 2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival


Cooper's Bar                        Guest Star                                Dir. Hannah Davis           AMC Networks

season 2 epside 4

Swivet (web series)             Miss Moor / Recurring            Dir. Cam Savalan            Pink Castle Productions       


Conflicts available upon request.



The Proposal                                      Natalya          Moscow Art Theatre
Coriolanus                                          Virgilia            Stella Adler NYC
Twelfth Night                                      Viola              Connecticut Players
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?       Honey            Connecticut Players



violinist - great with children and babies - comfortable with medical terminology -  very handy with tools/construction - drive stick shift - calligraphy


Sports: cross-country skiing (skate and classic), downhill skiing, rowing (sweeps), running (half and full marathons), boxing, tennis, curling, avid hiker


Dialects: Midwestern, American Southern, Irish, Russian, French Standard British



Proficient French

Conversational Russian

Learning Irish

Training & Workshops

         Stan Kirsch Studios / Los Angeles

         Killian’s Commercial Workshop / Los Angeles

         Margie Haber Studio / Los Angeles

         Stella Adler Conservatory: Shakespeare Intensive / New York City

         Upright Citizens Brigade Improv  / New York City

         Janice Kent : scene study / Los Angeles 

         Moscow Art Theater / Russia: Chekhov Technique, Movement, Voice, Script Analysis, Theater History

         Gillian Lane-Plescia: Speech and Dialects / National Theater Institute, Connecticut

         B.A. in Theatre Arts  / Connecticut College

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